“Life does not give you what you DESERVE, but what you DEMAND of it.”

— Prophet S.A. Adegboyega


Just as the body of Christ is not without many arms, Our Ministry is of many arms for the full profiting of every part of the body of Christ.

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Our Belief

We believe in the salvation mandate laid down by Our Lord, Jesus Christ. We believe in His death and resurrection.

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Our Mission

Our desire is to help believers walk in victory in every area of their life, through intimacy with God; that a person…

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Be a blessing, be a partner. Be a part of the move of God’s blessed as you partner in the promoting of the kingdom of Heaven.

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Experience that Relationship!


We’re all of different stages of our journey with God – but we’re all journeying towards the same goal – to be transformed by God’s love, power, and grace. It means living differently, loving differently, and putting our trust in doing things God’s way, instead of our own.

Get Enriched

Church isn’t something we attend on Sunday, the “church” is a group of people who are gathering to encourage one another and build each other up in their faith in Jesus. Get enriched daily with God’s word fully loaded with enormous benefits in every of our services.

Growing Together

We believe that the church is meant to be a spiritual family that builds up and encourages each other to become more like Christ.
At SPAC Ministries, we grow together in faith, love, and in relationship with God and each other.

Exploring God

The abundance of God’s word, constantly enriching our soul and spirit, an outpouring of His evident grace emits through our bodies, making it more obvious that God is real in us. That’s our experience as we explore more of GOD.

Photo Speaks

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